All About ROKOKO

In 1984 Mitch and unite

Rokoko is born a world of delight.

“Kokoro” a japanese word for ‘Spirit’ or ‘Heart’

they inverted the name and the business did start.

A play on “Rococo” a whimsical style

added a twist that made one smile.

‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ are 2 forces that entwine

2 people at play sharing one mind.

Through compromise and collaboration

they create adventure with a love vibration.

With his sense of structure and hers of belief

this union of opposites now complete.

Artwork of mix media and various things

what you see is what you bring.

Take a look and widen your eyes

what you receive is a real surprise.

Never mind what you’ve heard, forget what you know

their advice is just to go with the flow!

Collaborators in Art

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Like many other aspects of our life, we come together and combine our individual talents in order to create a third identity. By co-creating, we often form challenging situations that require unique solutions. We find that this artistic process enables us to change and develop in ways we would not have otherwise.

The majority of our work begins with a wood base. Additional structure, form, and geometry are added and the entire piece is almost always primed black in color. It is from this black void that the imagery emerges. We start with penwork that interacts with the chosen shapes. This organic approach allows imagery to emerge and psychological content to reveal itself. As relationships form and identities solidify, the figures begin to speak. We respond by listening and begin to assign verbal messages that play off the imagery created. Words are often written phonetically or are deconstructed into parts, implying dual meanings or alternative conclusions.

From this point, acrylic paints are used to “give life” to the painting through figure definition, contrast, foregrounds, backgrounds and overall color composition. In some cases, we finalize our work with the application of a clear acrylic resin in select areas or in total to further accentuate the balance and harmony in each piece.

Our art is a journey releasing the expression in our hearts. It allows us to communicate our spirit with others. We believe the viewer participates in the final meaning of the artwork. They interpret for themselves what messages and information are conveyed.

Materials & Process

All of our work is completely original and hand-made.

The materials are primarily acrylic paint on wood. The wood is typically plywood or composite board. Our high relief pieces are a combination of wood, ceramic, foam and rubber. To begin, the entire surface is primed with a black base coat. Certain areas of a piece are sometimes textured with a design or graphic border. Imagery and wording are usually drawn with gold and silver leaf liquid paint pens. We then add various mixed media elements like rocks, glass stones, and printed material. We hand brush colored acrylic paints to complete the artwork.

The framework is also hand built from wood. Frame patterns are created by combing a thick acrylic.

We also paint directly onto existing objects, like kitchen appliances, guitars, skis, suitcases and in one instance a molded plastic hand chair. All or specific areas of the work are coated with a clear acrylic coating and sometimes with a clear durable coat of high gloss acrylic resin (a two-part polymer).

This surface can be maintained by simply wiping with a soft cotton rag containing soapy water or Windex.'s Babbles

Hello, here I am. This is’s babble space. Bla bla bla, very exciting. I am finally writing something. If you have found this spot on website, let me just say Hi. I am so grateful, that people are out there.

Being an artist, I sometimes feel alone. Creation to me is complete with you. You are the one I work for. It’s true, I am a people lover. I am fascinated by why we are who we are. Our stories, our quirks, our needs. As an artist I try to open myself to a source, a spirit, larger than I and you. I come in contact with a teacher (or muse), whoever that is. This teacher guides my words, my creations, my insights. Hopefully, we both get some answers we are looking for, whatever they are. So to me the viewer and I are on the same journey. I just open my mind to receive what to create. The viewer opens their mind to see. We each receive our own answers or conclusions. Sometimes people think that I am confused, crazy or taking lots of drugs. These are all their judgments about me. Often it is easier to judge the creator, than to actually look at creation. For the record, I have never taken acid, nor can I drink or take drugs. I naturally am pretty spacey. Unfortunately, for me, living on planet earth has required more than my natural attention span. Perhaps I am an alien life. My parents used to say I lived in a milk bottle and only came out when I wanted. Yes it is true. I am basically like that. The world and all its problems and wars really baffle me. Same with our value systems, and needs for knowing it all. When I create I guess I immerse myself in my imagination and create a different space to exist in. The rules are different, there really aren’t any. And nothing is wrong if I express it. I like creating from this uncensored space.

Yikes, this all sounds, a bit wordy, but I am trying to type uncensored. My process is about rhythm and journey and release of censorship. I trust that. I trust we are all channels. And we all express our unique interpretations of the information we come across. In defining my work, or god, or anything, I choose to focus on the question. Why do we all feel the need for a right final answer? If I follow the yearning and the questions, I remain humble. The humility of not understanding and not knowing is my source. My food. I really enjoy the unknown, and the puzzle. My work amazes me. And I relish its surprise. As others see into the puzzle I learn more about my search. As I compromise to work with Mitch and Rokoko, and get closer to a knowing, I am always amazed how things become clear and then unclear. Attachment to definition, then detachment. Only time seems to create a pattern I really can identify with. Does that make sense? There is a sense, or knowing, about the unknown. It is a trust and faith built on trial and error and surrender. I like this babble page. This is my space to be incoherent, just like when I paint. Why be coherent anyhow. Aren’t we all just a jumble of conflicting hypocrisies, judgments and thoughts? Why is it human to think we know, the way. My way, is my way this moment. Not yours, not theirs. It just is. And it is through my executions of this or that, that I decide. And follow the decisions by my heart or my gut. I believe my heart is full of love and a need to touch others with this love. I feel I often fear love. And the more I believe that I can live in this space of unconditional acceptance, the greater life is. And as I know this gift for me, I want it for you too. Ultimately life is like fire. Once my fire is going I can help you start yours, and when I am just a bunch of smoke, I get restarted by someone else’s fire. Passion like fire spreads. So let’s live our passion and burn holes in our fears. We can live alive, igniting our cosmic soul.

Mitch's Gibberish

Hello everyone.

Thanks for visiting our website. I welcome you to “Rokoko”, our world within a world. and I have been working together for 35 years now and as we continue to evolve, so does our art. My role in our art primarily includes the construction of the underlying structure, its overall form, geometric and graphic patterns, textures and finishing.

Making art is a process of expressing my basic inner nature, and my nature is relatively simple. I naturally prefer a more two dimensional, graphic format. I am content with the surface of things, and I lean towards the abstract. For me, that means form, pattern and color. It is the combination with and interaction of’s figures, written word, dimension and painting that our art comes to life. I provide an organic structure for spirit to expresses and thrive. This is the partnership that we have developed and nurtured in our art as well as in our lives. We are at times living examples of the theory that opposites attract. As proof, I gladly refer you to’s babble for an entirely different, expressive and undoubtedly heartfelt commentary.

I can say that I am very happy with the life and I have created together making art.

Life is art and art is life.


Her Story / His Story

Mitch Alamag

aka Mitchell Allen Gantz

Rhode Island School of Design 1979-1984
Bachelor of Fine Art 1983
Bachelor of Architecture 1984 Alamag

aka Amy Linn Alter
Rhode Island School of Design 1981-1984
Bachelor of Fine Art 1984

ROKOKO: Established 1984
Providence, RI


1984-1987:  Fashion Accessories Exposition
New York, NY

1988 – 1996: American Crafts Council
Baltimore, MD
Columbus, OH
San Francisco, CA
Springfield, MA
Wendy Rosen Buyers Market
Coconut Grove, FL
Philadelphia, PA

2015 – 2018: American Craft Retailer Exposition
Las Vegas, NV
Philadelphia, PA
American Crafts Council
Baltimore, MD


New York Gift Show
New York Art Expo
Los Angeles Gift Show
San Francisco Gift Show
Arabian Horse Show (AZ)
Albuquerque Balloon Festival (NM)
Taste of Colorado (Denver)
Wanderlust (CO.)

Music Festivals

2003 – present
Arkansas – Ozark / Wakarusa
California – Indio / Coachella
California – San Francisco / Outside Lands
Colorado – Denver / Mile High
Colorado – Telluride / Telluride Bluegrass
Colorado – Lyons / Folks Festival
Illinois – Chicago / Lollapalooza
Kansas – Lawrence / Wakarusa
Louisiana – New Orleans / Jazz Fest
Louisiana – New Orleans / Voodoo Experience
Michigan / Rothbury
Nevada / Las Vegas / Vegoose
Tennessee – Manchester / Bonnaroo
Texas – Austin / Austin City Limits
Washington – Seattle / Bumbershoot

Select Retail

AZ – Scottsdale / Two Plates Full
FL – Ochopee / Big Cypress Gallery
LA – New Orleans / Royal Street Stones
MA – Provincetown / SJG, Inc.
ME – Portland / Abacus
(also Boothbay Harbor, Kennebunkport, Freeport, Ogunquit)
MT – Helena / Fiber Whorl
NC – Asheville / New Morning Gallery
NJ – Atlantic City / Zephyr Gallery
NJ – West Orange / CBL Fine Art
NM – Albuquerque / Earth Spirit
OH – Akron / Don Drumm Studio
PA – New Hope / Topeo
PA – State College / Douglas Albert Gallery
SC – Hilton Head Island / Nash Gallery
TN – Nashville / A Thousand Faces
TX – Austin / Wild about Music
UT – Park City / Crosby Collection
VA – Virginia Beach / The Creative Wedge

Art Festivals

Over the years


Fountain Hills
Prescott *


Beverly Hills *
Indian Wells
La Jolla
La Quinta
Los Altos
Menlo Park
Mill Valley
Palm Springs
Palo Alto
Santa Barbara
San Rafael
San Mateo


Beaver Creek
Cherry Creek
Denver *






Buffalo Grove *
Highland Park


Prairie Village




Ann Arbor
St. Joseph

New Mexico

Las Cruces *
Santa Fe






Houston *
San Antonio


Park City




1961 – Mitch
1962 – Time
1963 –
1964 – Crawl
1965 – Cry
1966 – Grow
1967 – Speak
1968 – Listen
1969 – Learn
1970 – Express
1971 – Explore
1972 – Change
1973 – Remember Me
1974 – I am Not Far
1975 – I am the Soul
1976 – Who Cannot
1977 – Count the Days
1978 – Or the Places
1979 – I’ve Been or Seen
1980 – For I am the Heart
1981 – That Soars
1982 – Beyond the Wings
1983 – Of Time
1984 – Gentle Love Begins
1985 – And Ends Where It
1986 – Is
1987 – I Can’t Pretend
1988 – To Defend the Game
1989 – Of Death
1990 – For There Is No Need
1991 – To Arrive
1992 – Just A Depth
1993 – Of Being
1994 – Here and Now
1995 – I am
1996 – 97 — Stopped Keeping Track
1998 – 99 — Started Making Sense
2000 – Eternity — Enlightenment
2001 – Change
2002 – Rebirth
2003 – New Pathways
2004 – to Bliss
2005 – Igniting
2006 – Cosmic
2007 – Roots
2008 – Planning
2009 – Waiting
2010 – Soul Kaboom
2011 – Excitement
2012 – Connection
2013 – Lucky Luck
2014 – Carbon Snail
2015 – Color me Silly
2016 – Don’t Fence Me In
2017 – Stack the Deck
2018 – Limbo Bimbo
2019 – Release
2020 – S**t Show

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