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Hello everyone.

Thanks for visiting our website. I welcome you to “Rokoko”, our world within a world. and I have been working together for 30 years now and as we continue to evolve, so does our art. My role in our art primarily includes the construction of the underlying structure, its overall form, geometric and graphic patterns and textures and basic coloring.

Making art is a process of expressing my basic inner nature, and my nature is relatively simple. I naturally prefer a more two dimensional, graphic format. I am content with the surface of things, and I lean towards the abstract. For me, that means form, pattern and color. It is the combination with and interaction of’s figures, written word, dimension and painting that our art comes to life. I provide an organic structure, within which spirit is born, expresses and thrives. This is the partnership that we have developed and nurtured in our art as well as in our lives. We are at times living examples of the theory that opposites attract. As proof, I gladly refer you to's babble for an entirely different, expressive and undoubtedly heartfelt commentary.

I can say that I am very happy with the life and I have created together making art.

Life is art and art is life.