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Materials & Process Description

Our work is primarily acrylic paint on wood. We construct our flat pieces and furniture with plywood and wood composite board. Some of our shaped and 3-dimensional pieces are a composite of wood and lightweight foam. The entire surface is primed with a base coat of black. Certain areas of a piece are sometimes textured for a graphic border or design. Imagery and wording are usually drawn with gold and silver leaf liquid paint pens. We then add various mixed media pieces like rocks, glass stones and printed material. We hand brush layers of colored acrylic paints to complete the artwork.

We also paint directly onto exisiting objects, like kitchen appliances, guitars, skis and suitcases. One of our most popular pieces, the hand chair, is a pre-made unit constructed of recycled plastic. It is hollow and lightweight, yet strong. All or specific areas of the work are coated with acrylic varnish and a clear durable coat of acrylic resin (a two-part polymer). This surface can be maintained by simply wiping with soapy water or windex and a cotton rag.

All of our work is completely hand-made and original.
It is conceived and executed by Mitch and Alamag, dba Rokoko.