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Hello, here I am. It is 2010 and it is A.meís babble space. Bla bla bla, very exciting. I am finally writing something. If you have found this spot in our web site, let me just say Hi. I am so grateful, that people are out there. Being an artist, I sometimes feel alone. Creation to me is complete with you. You are the one I work for. Itís true, I am a people lover. I am fascinated by why we are who we are. Our stories, our quirks, our needs. As an artist I try to open myself to a source, a spirit, larger than I and you. I come in contact with a teacher (or muse), whoever that is. This teacher guides my words, my creations, my insights. Hopefully we both get some answers we are looking for, what ever they are. So to me the viewer and I are on the same journey. I just open my mind to receive what to create. The viewer opens their mind to see. We each receive our own answers or conclusions. Sometimes people think that I am confused, crazy or taking lots of drugs. These are all their judgments about me. Often it is easier to judge the creator, than to actually look at creation. For the record, I have never taken acid, nor can I drink or take drugs. I naturally am pretty spacey. Unfortunately, for me, living on planet earth has required more than my natural attention span. Perhaps I am an alien life. My parents used to say I lived in a milk bottle and only came out when I wanted. Yes it is true. I am basically like that. The world and all its problems and wars really baffle me. Same with our value systems, and needs for knowing it all. When I create I guess I immerse myself in my imagination and create a different space to exist in. The rules are different, there really arenít any. And nothing is wrong if I express it. I like creating from this uncensored space. Yikes, this all sounds, a bit wordy, but I am trying to type uncensored. My process is about rhythm and journey and release of censorship. I trust that. I trust we are all channels. And we all express our unique interpretations of the information we come across. In defining my work, or god, or anything, I choose to focus on the question. Why do we all feel the need for a right final answer? If I follow the yearning and the questions, I remain humble. The humility of not understanding and not knowing is my source. My food. I really enjoy the unknown, and the puzzle. My work amazes me. And I relish its surprise. As others see into the puzzle I learn more about my search. As I compromise to work with Mitch and Rokoko, and get closer to a knowing, I am always amazed how things become clear and then unclear. Attachment to definition, then detachment. Only time seems to create a pattern I really can identify with. Does that make sense? There is a sense, or knowing, about the unknown. It is a trust and faith built on trial and error and surrender. I like this babble page. This is my space to be incoherent, just like when I paint. Why be coherent any how. Arenít we all just a jumble of conflicting hypocrisies, judgments and thoughts? Why is it human to think we know, the way. My way, is my way this moment. Not yours, not theirs. It just is. And it is through my executions of this or that, that I decide. And follow the decisions by my heart or my gut. I believe my heart is full of love and a need to touch others with this love. I feel I often fear love. And the more I believe that I can live in this space of unconditional acceptance, the greater life is. And as I know this gift for me, I want it for you too. Ultimately life is like fire. Once my fire is going I can help you start yours, and when I am just a bunch of smoke, I get restarted by someone elseís fire. Passion like fire spreads. So letís live our passion and burn holes in our fears. We can live alive, igniting our cosmic soul.